Case Study:

Objective: Launch 3M Car Care nationally in national chains such as Auto Zone, NAPA, Wal-mart and Target.

This was a 3 year project that was worked on from the beginning stages of product conception all the way to the launch.   To launch the product and create a buzz for the retailers we created a “demand” campaign.  This was a campaign that sent consumers to retailers asking for the product.  This campaign was so successful that after 3 weeks of running media, we had to pull the schedules because Auto Zone and NAPA agreed to put the product line in their chain if we stopped the campaign.

After the product was distributed nationally and picked up by Wal-mart and Target, we implemented a national campaign that included TV, radio, print and NASCAR sponsorship.  Within 12 months the product line became the number one car care product line in the country.  3M Car Care actually purchased their main competitor, Mequiar’s after only being in the market 18 months.