Gorrilla Trades

Client: Gorillatrades.com

Brief: When Gorillatrades.com became a client back in 2005, they were a no name controversial on-line “stock picking” service.

They had three problems:

  • No one knew who they where
  • com wanted to create a positive name not only for his company but clear up the overall image that his type of service had received in the past.
  • Very limited budget


Keeping the client’s budget in mind we created a two-tier approach to help achieve his goals. Because this company was an on-line service, we understood that conversions and profits would be immediate if we chose the right demo to drive to the website. We started his campaign with Kiplinger’s magazine in December

2005, which was leading into his biggest “financial season” of the year…..January.

Within 5 days of the magazine ad dropping, revenue started coming in and we started working on the second tier of the approach….Creating a name and branding for Gorillatrades.com.

To start creating a name for Gorillatrades.com we partnered with CNBC and Mad

Money. What better way to brand a “controversial product” with what then, was a “controversial show?” Gorillatrades.com was one of Jim Cramer’s first advertisers and sponsors. With a limited budget, we were able to play off of the press that Jim was receiving for his show along with gaining from the strategic advertising plan that was in place.


Gorillatrades.com grew 336% within the first 4 months of advertising! Gorillatrades.com became a household name in the financial category, and we eventually signed Davy Jones from the Monkeys as our celebrity endorser. Last but not least, Gorillatrades.com gained back the trust of consumers.

Six year partnership continues:

After six years of working together, we continue to place media for Gorillatrades.com. We helped keep his business afloat during the recession the past two years and we are currently running a multi-media campaign that still includes CNBC, print, digital and of course Social Media.