Is Your Hip Making Popping Sounds?

Is your hip making popping sounds?  People always ask: why is my hip making popping sounds?  Most of the time the hip is making popping sounds due to imbalances, weakness or tightness, of the surrounding muscles.

People who pop, click, or snap their hips during particular movements have snapping hip syndrome. While usually harmless, the condition can sometimes lead to joint damage and pain.

The popping sounds or snapping of the hip joint can originate in one of three ways.  The two most common types are internal snapping hip and external snapping hip. These conditions are caused by tendons or muscles being pulled taut over bone and then releasing, creating a snapping sensation.  

A problem within the hip joint itself can cause a third type of hip popping.  These are usually the result of trauma, such as a fall.  Injury to the cartilages and bone fragments within the hip joint itself are in this group. 



The IT Band can cause hip pain due to: overuse, tight muscles, weak hip muscles, poor running or cycling form or orthotic or shoe issues.http://www.athletico.com/2012/06/05/it-band-syndrome-the-top-5-causes-and-solutions/

Stretches for the IT band can help release the tension: