Traffic Problems in Buckhead?

Are you having traffic problems in Buckhead?  Cabanas Clinic can help!  While the traffic is building up around you, stop by the Cabanis Clinic for a little rest, relaxation and stress relief.

Our Approach

At Cabanas Clinic, we offer a unique approach to treating your injuries.  We can provide a treatment plan made only for you.  We make sure that each and every client have a unique treatment plan so we can restore your health and get you back up and running.

Our Offering

X-rays and consultation

Same day appointments

Comprehensive treatment plan

Our Focus

Car Accidents and injuries

Back pain (upper and lower)

Work place injuries

Shoulder pain

Neck pain

Accidental falls

and more…


At Cabanas Clinic, we take care of you, the patient.  Our reputation speaks for itself.  Call us today!

Submitted by:  Sheryl Cherico, Tier3MD