Dr. Addys Cabanas:

Atlanta’s accident and injury chiropractor, Dr. Cabanas has been serving the Metro Atlanta community sinc 1988. She is currently licensed and certified in chiropractic and physical therapy in Georgia and Florida.

​Dr. Cabanas is Atlanta’s accident injury specialty chiropractor.  She and her team
​will assess, treat and document every type of accident and personal injury.

Susan Powell:

Susan Powell is an advanced health and fitness trainer with a medical background in  treatment rehabilitation of  soft tissue injuries. She trains individuals with health  concerns to navigate their exercise regimes using goal-  specific routines

Susan is a certified BioMechanics Method for Corrective Exercise Specialist. Through  musculoskeletal rebalancing  exercise programs, which she designs for each client, she  is able to successfully help those plagued by muscle and  joint pain so that they may  regain or continue active lifestyles.