Radiographs and Exams

Radiographs and Exams at Cabanas Clinic

Radiographs and ExamsX-rays show postural deviations as well as misalignments, dislocations and subluxations which, when present, also indicate damage to the surrounding supporting structures: the muscles and ligaments.  The analysis done on your x-rays, the x-ray impressions or x-ray findings, is then reported on in narrative form.  It is an important part of the documentation of your injuries and also forms a part of your claim to the insurance company.  

X-rays also provide detail of the bone structures in the spine, and are used to rule out back pain resulting from:

  • Instability (such as spondylolisthesis)
  • Tumors
  • Fractures.

They image bones by shooting an x-ray beam through the body.  The calcium in bone blocks penetration of the x-ray beam and the image of the bones is picked up as a shadow on a film positioned on the other side of the patient.  

X-rays provide for excellent bony detail because bone consists mainly of calcium.  However, discs and nerve roots do not have any calcium, so an x-ray does not capture an image of these structures.